Jazna Timmons’ neighbor speaks out about her murder

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- The neighbor of Jazna Timmons is speaking out after her murder.

Investigators say Timmons was shot and killed by her husband, Richard Lyle Timmons Jr, Friday, in the parking lot of the Georgia War Veterans nursing home.

“It appears this has been a domestic violence attack. Multiple agencies are responding. We are no longer treating this as an active shooter incident,” was part of the voicemail that was left on Mildred Williams’ phone.

It was around noon Friday when Williams received that voicemail regarding the domestic violence shooting at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home.

The voicemail goes on to say, “The suspect is still out. Please stay away from the area and shelter yourself at this time.”

Little did Williams know, that shooting would hit close to home.

“I’m afraid…I went over to my next door neighbor and asked her about it,” said Williams.

Tuesday, just two doors down from Mildred Williams’ home, Richmond County investigators and District Attorney Natalie Paine showed up at Timmons’ home which is now considered a crime scene.

Investigators combed the yard and searched inside the house, boxing up evidence.

Williams says she was shocked to hear that Jazna was the domestic violence victim.

“She was a very nice person, a sweet person. She never bothered nobody. She was always a person being at home, seeing after her children,” said Williams.

Now, as investigators piece together a murder case, Williams is left trying to understand what she says is a senseless act.

“Why did he want to kill her for and she has her little children. I said I just can’t stand to hear that, that he killed her,” said Williams.

Richard Timmons, Junior is still on the run and investigators say he’s armed and dangerous, so don’t try to approach him.

If you have any information regarding this case, you’re urged to call law enforcement.

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