Customers respond to news of Metro Market closing

Spring Foods placed a sign on the door of Metro to Go announcing the store will close permanently in Downtown Augusta.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local business announced to its customers that it will be moving from downtown Augusta to North Augusta, South Carolina next month.

A lot of people know the place as Metro Market.  It’s called Metro to Go Made Fresh and this Friday it will be gone for good.  The store will move to North Augusta and customers shared mixed reviews.
Several people stopped in around noon Wednesday for lunch.  One of those people was Kelly Rhodes.  She told us, “We’re sad.”  When asked why she added, “Because we come here every Wednesday.”
The quick shopper won’t be the only one searching for a new place to purchase wings half off on hump day.
“I got lemon pepper wings and macaroni and cheese with celery on the side as a vegetable,” Alisa Robinson told us while leaving with others.
The faithful customer of Metro to Go on Broad Street heard the news like we did. A sign on the door reads that the store will permanently close Friday.  It also said Sprint Foods is growing and expanding the store, moving to a new building in North Augusta that will open March 1.  An employee told us that move will be to Exit 5 off Interstate 20.  We drove there and found it’s attached to a gas station and includes a drive thru.
But Metro to Go shopper Teddy Harris told us he thinks he knows the reason for the closure.
“Really the prices are kind of high,” he said.  “It’s a low economy right now for people’s pockets.  I’m a working man as you can see.”
The closure follows others downtown.  Cotton Patch on Reynolds Street is now gone.  But some customers tell us the lunchtime selection is still vast and includes places such as Whiskey Bar.
We caught David Harkins grabbing lunch and a drink.  He told us, “There are a bunch of restaurants around here. I just like it because it’s quick.”
Robinson said she will probably walk up and down the block to support other places or go with the option that is tried and true.
“Probably have to start cooking dinner and bringing lunch,” she said.
NewsChannel 6 covered the opening of Metro Market in 2014.  We are still working to confirm why the store is moving to North Augusta.  Count on us to keep updated.
Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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