New deck could help with depot parking dilemma

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A new twist tonight in that depot property parking controversy

.As we’ve told you the Development Authority is spending a half a million dollars on creating a parking area for Unisys, on the old depot property on Reynolds Street.

But a 93 million dollar housing and retail project is planned for the same location and the parking lot is in the way.

But if the parking area is removed, the city is still obligated to provide Unisys, 500 spaces somewhere else downtown,
but city officials say the new development will include a parking deck.

“I guess the elephant in the room for us that we’re going to try and find a way to make that kind of thing happen I’m just not sure when they build the parking deck on the proposed plan they’re going to provide some space for the Unisys purposes to park in is it going to be 500 I don’t know but they’ve agreed to provide some parking for them,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Commissioner Hasan says he supports both the Unisys parking area and the 93 million dollar mixed use development at the depot, but says having the two in in conflict right now is creating some heartburn.


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