Noon show 11/25/15

Finding Birth Families Preview

Augusta, GA–  WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery visits WJBF News Channel 6 at Noon to talk about her upcoming special, “WJBF EXTRA: Finding Birth Fam…

Vigil for 4-year-old Destiny Dorsey

Vigil for Child Killed in Crash

An Augusta intersection where two streets have become one shrine. A place for people to take a moment, to stop at this corner, to pause thei…

Julie Greene of North Augusta Elementary School

Golden Apple: Julie Greene

You are looking at one of the hardest working teachers in the business. “I wanted to get me to make a difference, to see these kids grow and…

Elizabeth Hooker is our November Giving Your Best winner.

Giving Your Best: Elizabeth Hooker

GROVETOWN, GA– You trust that teachers will keep your kids safe at school, but Euchee Creek Elementary School counselor, Elizabeth Hooker, w…

Augusta's Haunted Pillar

Your Hometown Stories

There are many historic places here in Augusta and a few are haunted, but none have the tale like the Haunted Pillar in downtown Augusta.


Local Community Hosts 2015 Red Ribbon Run

Augusta, GA – The 2015 Red Ribbon Run kicked off Saturday morning at the River Levee Trail. The 5K run was dedicated to promoting drug aware…

Golden Apple Winner Susan Mode

Golden Apple: Susan Mode

Susan Mode has been teaching at Redcliffe Elementary for 30 years. If you want to see what kind of students she produces, look no further th…

Fort Augusta

Your Hometown Stories: Fort Augusta

This Celtic cross on the grounds of St. Paul’s church in downtown Augusta marks the spot where James Oglethorpe built Fort Augusta back in 1…

Golden Apple winner Monique Dawson of Greendale Elementary School

Golden Apple: Monique Dawson

Monique Dawson has been teaching at this school, in this classroom for 28 years. “I love my school,” Dawson says.  “It’s like a family. I co…