“Out There…Somewhere”: Life-Sized Dolls Delight in Petticoat Junction

Drive by a house in Petticoat Junction, in Aiken County, and you will likely do a double take of the extended family of life-sized dolls sit…


Engineering History

Take a look at historic engineering plans and documents for public works projects from Augusta’s past


Giant Cup; Icon In Augusta

(AUGUSTA,GA) Shepeard   Blood Center loves for donors to make it to their office even if the workers aren’t of its exact location. “Our addr…

Photo of a telephone pole on the Augusta Canal tow path that people have been placing chewed gum on for years.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Sticky Situation On The Augusta Canal

In Seattle, there’s a wall where people stick their gum and it’s become a tourist attraction, with plans now to scrap it clean. On the Augus…

Photo of Christmas decorations at Augusta Regional Airport.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Ho, Ho, Ho, These Decorations Aren’t Scary

Halloween is a time for frightening fun, so why are the decorations at Augusta Regional Airport all comfort and joy? WJBF News Channel 6’s G…

Photo of a zabra WJBF News Channel 6's George Eskola found "Out There...Somewhere" in Mathews, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: From A To Z-ebra in Jefferson County

You see a lot of things in Jefferson County, but zebras are usually not one of them. They are “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel…

Photo of plane at Boshears Skyfest

“Out There…Somewhere”: So, What’s Up At Boshears Skyfest?

A celebration of flying and aviation at the Boshears Skyfest. They do know aviation, but how well do they know their aviators? It’s “Out The…

Photo of Scooby, a dog at the Augusta (Georgia) Animal Shelter whose barks sound like a call for help.

Dog That Barks For “Help” Adopted

We have some great news to tell you about concerning a furry friend we all met on Friday.

Photo of Scooby, a dog at the Augusta (Georgia) Animal Shelter whose barks sound like a call for help.

“Out There…Somewhere”: A Bark That Sounds The Alarm And Answers Questions

People go wow over his bow wow. A barking dog at the Augusta Animal Shelter sounds the alarm “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel …

Photo of a professional disc golfer at Wildwood Park in Columbia County, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Best Golfers In “This” World Are At Wildwood Park

Augusta is known for the Masters, but there are some other “golfers” in the area that are having a fling “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF N…

Photo of the Twin City, Georgia water tower.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Doubling Down In Twin City

It’s National Twin Day, so we’re off to the best place around to see what’s going down…”Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel 6’s …

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