Mom2Mom: TV Time Machine

Mom2Mom: TV Time Machine

AUGUSTA, Ga.–  June/July ’16 Mom2Mom, Augusta Family Magazine Seems like every day my inbox is flooded with messages from Groupon. Usually I…

Mom2Mom Facebook Cover

Mom2Mom: Mountain Santa

  Mom2Mom/Augusta Magazine/Dec ’15-Jan ’16––  It was a quiet Saturday night in a quaint mountain town, not far from my daughter’s college ca…

Mom2Mom Facebook Cover

Mom2Mom: Words With Family

Mom2Mom/Augusta Family Magazine/February 2016—  Hashtag affluenza… not a phrase I had expected to hear my 83-year-old mother throw out there…

M2M Binford Blues

Mom2Mom: Binford Blues

Mom2Mom, October ’15 GREENSBORO, NC– I can still hear the clapping of clogs going up the steps in Binford Hall, in rhythm: stomp, stomp, sto…

Augusta Family Magazine Sept. 2015

Mom2Mom: Call Me Sister

Mom2Mom, September ’15 AUGUSTA, GA– Mother, wife, journalist, sister, daughter, cousin, friend. Those nouns describe the way I view myself a…

Mom2Mom March 2015: "Mom's Movie Screening"

Mom2Mom: Mom’s Movie Screening

“Zack, please come back!” It was the third time we’d called our son/resident I.T. guy into our room to help us troubleshoot the Apple TV. “R…

Mom2Mom:  Where, oh Where is Claire? (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: Where, oh Where is Claire?

Mom2Mom, Augusta Family Magazine 10/14:  Sky’s favorite childhood stuffed animal, Claire, has been missing since the day we moved her into h…

Mom2Mom: Hark! Hear the Bells (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: Hark! Hear the Bells

Mom2Mom, Augusta Family Magazine Dec/Jan 2015: It’s the season for bell ringers at Salvation Army Red Kettles.

Mom2Mom: Living Inside Myself... Really? (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: Living Inside Myself… Really?

Mom2Mom, November 2014; Augusta Family Magazine. An interview with all-time favorite singer Gino Vannelli brings out this mom’s inner teenag…

Mom2Mom:  Where, Oh Where, is Claire? (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: Where, Oh Where, is Claire?

Claire is missing. A part of our family for the better part of 15 years, Claire, has been M.I.A. since the day we took our youngest, Sky, to…

Mom2Mom: A Blessing Named Biscuit (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: A Blessing Named Biscuit

Mom2Mom July 2014:  A Blessing Named Biscuit.  News Anchor Jennie Montgomery shares the story of losing the family’s first pet and the lesso…

Mom2Mom: Shine On, Sky Baby! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: Shine On, Sky Baby!

Augusta Family Magazine, Dec./Jan. ’14: WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery celebrates a very special daughter’s very special birthday!

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