Saluda should always remember it

We we’re told to remember the Alamo for the last 180 years some have forgotten but that shouldn’t include the folks in Saluda County SC.

Photo of a cute baby "Out There...Somewhere".

“Out There…Somewhere”: You Must -Not- Be A Beautiful Baby On Friday The 13th

It’s a strange superstition but on Friday the 13th you don’t mess around with fate so don’t be calling that baby cute it’s ugly. WJBF News C…

Photo of a giant shrub sculptured to look like some kind of creature "Out There...Somewhere" in Bamberg, South Carolina.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Shrub Is The Shape of Things In Bamberg

It’s a roadside attraction off Highway 78 in Bamberg, but exactly what is this sculpted shrub supposed to be? George Eskola goes “Out There.…

Photo of one of the renovated buildings "Out There...Somewhere" in Perkins, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Painting The Town Red In Perkins, Georgia

Over the last couple of years, George Gunn has been a one man renovation crew in the town of Perkins, Georgia to make sure its buildings are…

Photo of road signs "Out There...Somewhere" at the corner of Fitten Street and Weed Street.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Weed Street For The Garden City…April Fools’ Day Indeed

How preposterous! Having a Weed Street in the Garden City. Hey, its April Fools’ Day, but don’t fall for the joke, because it isn’t one “Out…

Photo of David Swanagin

“Out There…Somewhere”: Artist’s Work Can Be Beaten

Artist David Swanagin, who has ties to Augusta, does some of his best work on an unusual surface, the drum heads of bass drums. Take a look …

Photo of sports photos on display "Out There...Somewhere" at East Georgia State College.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Celebrating Sports, The Tie That Binds Small Towns

The Smithsonian institute and the Georgia Humanities Council are celebrating small town America through their local sports and taking part i…