Photo of a telephone pole on the Augusta Canal tow path that people have been placing chewed gum on for years.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Sticky Situation On The Augusta Canal

In Seattle, there’s a wall where people stick their gum and it’s become a tourist attraction, with plans now to scrap it clean. On the Augus…

Photo of Christmas decorations at Augusta Regional Airport.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Ho, Ho, Ho, These Decorations Aren’t Scary

Halloween is a time for frightening fun, so why are the decorations at Augusta Regional Airport all comfort and joy? WJBF News Channel 6’s G…

Photo of a zabra WJBF News Channel 6's George Eskola found "Out There...Somewhere" in Mathews, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: From A To Z-ebra in Jefferson County

You see a lot of things in Jefferson County, but zebras are usually not one of them. They are “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel…

Photo of plane at Boshears Skyfest

“Out There…Somewhere”: So, What’s Up At Boshears Skyfest?

A celebration of flying and aviation at the Boshears Skyfest. They do know aviation, but how well do they know their aviators? It’s “Out The…

Photo of Scooby, a dog at the Augusta (Georgia) Animal Shelter whose barks sound like a call for help.

Dog That Barks For “Help” Adopted

We have some great news to tell you about concerning a furry friend we all met on Friday.

Photo of Scooby, a dog at the Augusta (Georgia) Animal Shelter whose barks sound like a call for help.

“Out There…Somewhere”: A Bark That Sounds The Alarm And Answers Questions

People go wow over his bow wow. A barking dog at the Augusta Animal Shelter sounds the alarm “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel …

Photo of a professional disc golfer at Wildwood Park in Columbia County, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Best Golfers In “This” World Are At Wildwood Park

Augusta is known for the Masters, but there are some other “golfers” in the area that are having a fling “Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF N…

Photo of the Twin City, Georgia water tower.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Doubling Down In Twin City

It’s National Twin Day, so we’re off to the best place around to see what’s going down…”Out There…Somewhere” with WJBF News Channel 6’s …

Photo taken at the 29th Augusta Southern Nationals drag boat races on Friday, July 17th.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Noise At The Drag Boat Races, Is So Good It Hurts

The Augusta Southern Nationals are back, so bring the noise. The fans are not “Out There…Somewhere” for the sounds of silence. Our George …