Dog Tattles On His Own Best ‘Friend’

A dog may very well be man’s best friend, but apparently the same does not apply to fellow canines! In a video recently posted on YouTube th…

Photo of a North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty license plate.

North Carolina DMV Sells Out Of Confederate License Plates; South Carolina Will Not Sell Out

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says it has sold out of its Confederate flag license plates.

Photo of a baby dogfish shark that fell from the sky in Virginia. (Courtesy: WAVY)

Baby Shark Falls From The Sky


If you thought the “Sharknado” TV movies were totally unrealistic, think again. A baby shark really fell from the sky a few days ago in Virg…

PHOTO: A hot air balloon, sponsored by Bank of American Fork, crashed July 2, 2015, in Provo, Utah. (Courtesy: Austin Duke/ABC News)

SAY WHAT? Pigs Still Can’t Fly?

It’s 2015 and pigs still can’t fly. A hot air balloon in the shape of a pink piggy bank crashed Thursday morning in Provo, Utah.

What’s Trending Wednesday, July 1st

For the first time in more than 40 years, you can now take pictures during White House public tours. First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the …