Photo of road signs "Out There...Somewhere" at the corner of Fitten Street and Weed Street.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Weed Street For The Garden City…April Fools’ Day Indeed

How preposterous! Having a Weed Street in the Garden City. Hey, its April Fools’ Day, but don’t fall for the joke, because it isn’t one “Out…

Man Wears Sign As Sentence For Crime

LIBERTY, OH — “Do the crime, do the time” usually means time in jail for an offense. But one Ohio man is serving his time outdoors, where ev…

Photo of David Swanagin

“Out There…Somewhere”: Artist’s Work Can Be Beaten

Artist David Swanagin, who has ties to Augusta, does some of his best work on an unusual surface, the drum heads of bass drums. Take a look …

Still frame photo from video from inside a taxi cab in Reading, Pennsylvania showing an attempted robbery. (Credit: CNN)

VIDEO: Deputy Foils Attempted Taxi Robbery


An armed robbery gets into a taxi and threatens the driver with his gun, and it was all captured on video. Reporter Amanda Van-Allen tells u…

Photo of the moonshine on the front window of Midnight Run Distillery "Out There...Somewhere" in Bartow, Georgia.

“Out There…Somewhere”: Moonshine Maker In Bartow Is The Mayor

Bartow, GA (WJBF) – It’s not what you would expect in quiet Bartow, Georgia…moonshine on Main Street. “There were some who didn’t care for i…

Photo of 11-year-old Tyler Crozier. (Credit: Bluejack National Golf Course/CNN)

Kid Scores Hole-In-One On First Hole, On First Day Of Tiger Woods’ Children’s Golf Course

Not every 11-year old can say they impressed Tiger Woods with their golf game…but Taylor Crozier can.