The Means Report: Veterans K9 Solutions Contact Information

The Giving Episode: Veterans K9 Solutions

In a Special Edition of “The Means Report” Jerry Lyda introduces viewers to Veterans K9 Solutions and shares how they can make a difference …

Graphic: "The Means Report" Searching For Answers To PCOS

Searching For Answers to PCOS

Dr. Lawrence Laymon — Chief of the Section of Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility and Genetics at the Medical College of Georgia at the…

Golden Apple: Monique Dawson

Monique Dawson has been teaching at this school, in this classroom for 28 years. “I love my school,” Dawson says.  “It’s like a family. I co…

Photo: Strings of bras hanging to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Stringing Up Inspiration And Awareness

A group in Minnesota is raising money to help breast cancer survivors in a unique way. They are hanging thousands of bras over a highway.