Golden Apple: Stephanie Prandy (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Stephanie Prandy

She says,”Their voice is very important and so I try to strive for opportunities that give open-endedness to where they do all get to have a…

Golden Apple: Jay Murray (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Jay Murray

Talk about a rare sight.  Agriculture Education students sitting in a classroom.  Rare, because the real learning happens right outside the …

Golden Apple: Stephanie Reeves (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Stephanie Reeves

Stephanie Reeves is making sure her Social Studies students stay focused on another important lesson.”We've been studying about the Eur…

Golden Apple: Anne Moss (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Anne Moss

Time to meet a fantastic 4th grade teacher. Her name is Anne Moss and she teaches at Episcopal Day school.  She is dedicated to helping her …

Golden Apple: Meredith Harris (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Meredith Harris

Meredith Harris teaches English and Drama at Fox Creek High School.”When I was in school and younger, I was always the one helping out my fr…

Golden Apple: Marina Zamor (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Marina Zamor

Marina Zamor teaches 4th and 5th grade Language Arts. And her students love the subject.”We were reading a folktale,” she says. And we were …

Golden Apple: Melvin Dukes (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Melvin Dukes

Melvin Dukes' mother just has to be so proud of him. After all, he's following in her footsteps.”I guess it started because my Mom…

Golden Apple: David Owen (Image 1)

Golden Apple: David Owen

Dr. David Owen's class is about to watch a movie.  That may sound like a fun way to start the day, but it's part of a serious less…

Golden Apple: Pam Segers (Image 1)

Golden Apple: Pam Segers

Pam Seegers is living proof that you can take life's difficulties and turn them into successes.  She is a ceramics teacher.”It was actu…

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